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Leaving a legacy and Giving Back

23rd November 2021

As many of you will know, Giving Back is one of InXpress’s company values.  South Africa might be one of the smallest countries in the InXpress network, but we are working towards leaving a legacy of Caring for our Customers and Giving Back to our Communities.   We were blessed to have two initiatives in 2021.

Gift of the Givers Project

Due to political reasons, there has been much unrest since 9 July 2021.  Massive public violence, burglary, and malicious property damage were reported in Kwa-Zulu Natal, which soon spread to other South African cities. ‘The damage to KwaZulu-Natal's economy alone is estimated to be R20 billion ($1.4 billion) according to Ntshavheni, while 161 shopping malls, 11 warehouses and eight factories in the province suffered significant damages.  More than 200 shopping centres suffered looting or damage according to her, while 100 malls were subject to arson attacks, 161 liquor outlets and distributors were damaged, 1,400 ATMs and 90 pharmacies were damaged and about 300 banks and post offices were vandalized. In addition, 40,000 businesses and 50,000 traders were affected overall, while stock worth R1.5 billion was lost and 150,000 jobs were stated to be at risk. – Wikipedia’.

InXpress took hands with Gift of the Givers by donating food, sanitary products and baby products to provide to families that needed relief due to the above circumstances.  We know that much was needed from many communities, and Gift of the Givers had the insight to deliver the products where it was most needed.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Cancer has had an impact on many lives in one way or the other.  We are either the victors, a family member related to them or can somewhat relate to what they are going through.  The feeling of loneliness is so strong as the battles are fought alone in treatment centres.  COVID-19 hasn’t done us any favours in an already brutal fight or uncertain time. 

‘I didn’t have cancer myself but went through a scenario this year where I had to do regular MRI tests and waited anxiously for results.  Although I had to cope with what was happening to me, it took much more energy to keep everyone around me calm.  So, when Breast Cancer Awareness month approached, I felt an urge to do something specifically for the patients receiving chemo, and that had to go for scans.  A pick-me-up can go a long way for someone that is in uncertain times.  I just wanted to make someone feel thought off and prayed for, even if it was just for a minute.’ Tersia Visagie 

We appreciate everyone that took hands with InXpress to make a difference in 2021. 

Leaving a legacy and Giving Back