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20th Anniversary Case Study: Edmond Leung

21st May 2019

Edmond Leung has been a franchisee in Hong Kong since 2014, having come across the opportunity on LinkedIn. Prior to buying his franchise, Edmond had been working in the IT industry for over ten years, selling software licenses and solutions. Here, we find out what led Edmond to the life changing decision to run his own business.

When I bought my franchise, I had no previous experience of running a business and so quitting my job to focus full-time on it was scary! However, as an employee I had little free time and no decision-making capacity, and I knew that an InXpress franchise was the best way to achieve the freedom that I craved.  

I set myself a challenge that I would prove that I could make a success of this opportunity within 12 months! It was a big challenge and so I worked incredibly hard to make sure I learnt exactly what I needed to – from the industry, to DHL, and everything related to business ownership. 

Having learnt everything about the business, I was able to employ two customer service representatives and a few part-time sales people. This meant that I could focus on networking and activations, and I am now getting a lot of referrals from various sources, including existing customers, events I have attended or exhibited at, and from social media.  

Five years in, and my franchise has given me the freedom I wanted.  The beauty of the InXpress model is that I don’t need to be in a physical office. If I have my phone and laptop, I can be wherever I want and still manage the business. I also have lots more free time to spend with my young son or organising extreme camping trips with a group I run.  In fact, several of my friends are now interested in buying their own InXpress Franchise, because they can see how it has changed my life for the better!

20th Anniversary Case Study: Edmond Leung